Saturday, May 15, 2004

Reliability in business...

There's nothing more reliable than a person who's loyalty can be paid
for with cash.

get more active...

There's also a mobile website...

Did you know:

The mobile website at activemode is actually designed for the "Hiptop SideKick" PDA, but it can also work on ANY mobile phone or PDA?

The desktop site, has the same URL as the mobile website, and allows you to change your profile and upload images for it!

Get More Active With Your Life

"Get more active with your life"...

Business Listings (desktop website)
These listings are for Businesses, Agencies and Agents that are interested in finding new talent. The Listings are free of charge, and when you have a message, you'll receive an email announcement.

Registered Modeling Profiles (desktop website)
If your a model you can create a free Modeling Profile that allows others to contact you for work and assignments. When you have a message, you'll receive an email announcement.

Personal Ads (mobile)
If your interested in meeting someone new, or just making new friends, the Personal Ads can help you make the right connections, and keep in touch.

Event Calandar: (mobile)
The "Event Calendar" can be used to schedule dates and times when your having a Social Event or Party. Use the Event calendar to let people know when your available and where you'll be.

Personal Messages: (mobile)
You can communicate with other members through the "Personal Messages" area. If you drop notes to people and let them know that your there, you've got about 500 new friends!.

Classified Listing: (mobile)
The "Classified Listing" is designed for selling merchandise and displaying job listings. You can setup a job listing for your skills and also display your job requirements and payment required.

Public Messages: (mobile)
Use the Public Messages to make annoucements about your availability and to introduce yourself to the members. Everyone looks in the MessageBoard to see whats new, and to get information about other members.

Mobile Website:
For those that have a mobile phone with an internet connection, you can check your messages when your not online and reply to anyone that needs to contact you. Send your profile pictures to

Activemode Network