Friday, May 21, 2004

3 things that can cause you to lose your job

If you allow your performance at work to degrade, you could lose your job.

By losing your temper or speaking with anger at your fellow employees or boss, your job can be jeapardy.

When you get involved in an intimate relationship at work, things can get ugly when you stop seeing them. Rumors and retaliation is the main cause of termination.

So... Think carefully about things that may happen afterwards, before you change how you perform at work.

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Stuttering Junk Mail

Why do they keep sending the same emails to the same people over and over again. Do they thing that we will eventually just give in and buy their crap?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Never ending payments

It seems like I sign up for new payment plans every 6 months or so. Whenever the service I use, comes up with a new payment plan, they add up all the extras and then hand me the bill with a smile on their faces.

They say:
"Wow, you can really save money with this new plan !!!"

Then I say:
"Dude your right, I should sign up and save more money..."

Thank you so much.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Grown Up and Still Pretending

Why do our parents want us to stop pretending when we become adults? Everything about Adulthood is pretending. If its not, then tell your boss how you really feel about your job. And the next time your spouse asks for your opinion, tell them the truth.

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Safer Online Purchasing and Transactions

Since we can purchase items online without having to go to the Department Store, there's a very strange thought that goes through my head. They can't see my face and I don't know which representative I'm dealing with.

How can it be possible to make any kind of honest transaction, unless you can match a photo identification to the card someone is using? Pin numbers can be stolen along with card numbers, and there's really no kind of visual verification.

So the best and most reliable way to conduct a transaction, is by using only a website that others recommend and that shows a "verified merchant" symbol. Also some kind of contact number would be helpful. The site should also have an affiliation with a merchant processing system, so you'll have someone to complain to, if something goes wrong.

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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Proposal Submitted to Manager

I just recently submitted a working proposal to my Manager at work about 3 days ago.  I'm starting to get a little worried because I haven't received any response since then.
If I remember correctly, it's usually the manager that says: "all suggestions are welcome".  Then after you make your suggestion or proposal, they tell you that it wasn't accepted...
A few months later, they re-write the whole thing and submit it under their name, so that THEY can get all the credit.  Welcome to Corporate America !!

Personal Ads for What?

Have you seen those advertisments that want you to sign up for free,
then after you've gotten inside the website, and try to send someone a
message, they want you to pay "the low price of $29.99".

Perhaps it might be easier to take your chances saying hello to someone
you like at the laundrymat. At least then, if they're not interested in
you, there's no money spent.

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