Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Website Programming that Hurts

I sent an email to one of the websites that "force feed" computers, so that they go to their site instead of where people want them to go. Read the following, and you'll see I gave them an ear-full:

Message to:

When ever you download files into someones computer without their consent, they feel as though they have no control over what's happening.

You think your attracting more customers, but all your doing is scaring people into NOT using the internet at all. You lose when you gamble with peoples personal preferences. More people leave and you make no money.

In the end, every business on the Net goes broke, and you accomplish NOTHING. Why don't you try general advertising? I program websites for for people to use when they choose, not using re-directs and force feeding webpages.

In the end you'll gain nothing but angry people, that file class action suits. Lawyers love it when a group of people get together for a common cause. What will the "payout" be then?

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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Was Your Job Outsourced?

Whenever you hear someone say the word "outsource", it means that a job or assignment is being handled by another company. Since there are more companies outsourcing positions these days, they save money by hiring a company in Mexico or India that can perform the same job for less than they pay you! An American salary of $20,000 a year for one person, can pay at least 4 people overseas. So the next time you call customer service, you might hear someone speaking with a slight accent. If you
ask them where they are, you might notice a pause before they answer. Just so you know...

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