Saturday, May 31, 2014

It seems like the changes never end, but it's not for nothing...
When you think about websites that remain exactly the same, without any changes for years at a time, then you lose interest in them and go elsewhere.  So change is a good thing, and you should embrace it for your own sake.

So then, now we have "Mobile Device Training" available on the Activemode Website, and we're giving people a better chance to get into the kind of work that will help them succeed.  You can learn everything you need to know on your own, but if you need help and encouragement that's what the paid training is for.  It's nice to have choices.  Look for the link to: Subscribe for Member Training.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

This is the "Site Map" below

Main Page :
          Mobile Interface  - Interface to view on Mobile Devices

                 Blog Links:

                          Members Blog   - Blog for members to View Member Info

                          Images Blog   - Blog for Member Images

                          Webmasters Blog  - Blog for Webmaster Updates
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                  Forgot Password Link - Retrieve A Lost Password  

                  More Information Link - Learn More About Mobile Working 

                  Most Recent Signin  - View the most recent sign in to the site
Main Page :
         Register Now  - Link to Registration Page, Evaluation, and Information  

         Take a Peek Inside - Link to enter the site and view a Demonstration without registering 

        - Learn More - - About Activemode 

         FaceBook Group  - Link to the Facebook Group 

         Business Owners  - Faq Sheet for Business Owners 

         Mobile Workers  - Faq Sheet for Mobile Workers
Mobile Interface:
         Take the Evaluation - Link to the 30 day Mobile Evaluation 

Main Site:
         Subscribe Business - Link to Subscribe and Learn How to Make Your Business Mobile 

         Member Subscribe - Link to Subscribe for Mobile Employees 

         Website Estimate  - Link to online website cost estimator. 

         Google Business - Link to Google Business Applications Information

The site has been updated with "Quick Links" on the left to save time navigating.  There's also a "Customer Question Panel" on the right to get quick answers to common questions people have about mobile working. More Info at